Time for fun

This is a Winter Break post with reflections on the blog. Regular posting will return January 4, 2016.

I am convinced that a core stage of learning comes well after the direct experience with new material. From my nefarious intent that this blog be something more than merely “crazy zoology guy provides colorful bio rants,” comes an activity for you.

Start by choosing a category, from the cloud over there on the right – click on one. The bigger the word, the more posts are included. Read the post in that category, preferably in chronological order. Feel free to click into embedded stuff, but I recommend merely scanning those; it’s the sequence within the category which matters most.

Then post here, in the comments, any of the following:

  • A question to clarify what I said, either specifically or about the category itself
  • An extension or supposition based on what I said
  • An objection to or refutation of what I said

My only request is that you mean it, that you’re genuinely curious to know more about what you’re writing. If I’m reasonably certain this is the case, then you get a big ol’ response!


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