Adept Learning

What is it? Simply: biology and related-material classes taught right here. They’re a bit eclectic – enough to be intriguing – but still designed to be credit-worthy in content.

The first course begins September 5, 2016.


  • Course format: six weeks
  • Several courses are available – as soon as one receives six registrants, then it’s activated and begins on the designated date
    • The others reboot for the next “term” date
  • Signing up: $15 registration
    • Prerequisite: high school diploma or GED

Biology course credit

Selection without sentiment: Adapt this, Against it I say, Adapt and die, All natural all artificial selection, hands, devo, Fitter than thou, Graven images, Do the drift. Good bio-course credit.

Genes, you, and everyone else: Genes aren’t scary, Behind any eyes, Color coding, 2 x 2 x 2. Good bio course credit.

Feeling alive: Breath of life, Hermes & Aphrodite, Little thinks, So what, Getting warmer, Passion, Stinky matters, Just look at the label. Good bio-course credit.

Electives / interdisciplinary / liberal arts course credit

The biology of stories: Aliens post, Little thinks, Drrrama, A tale I will thee tell. Good elective or liberal arts credi

The stories of biology: So uplifting, Squick, Fuzzyology, Lion King, Seahorse. Good elective or liberal arts credit.

Progress and narrative: Why matters, Ism isn’t, New Synthesis zaps, Evolution of evolution. Good liberal arts credit.

Registration begins August 1, 2016.

How a course works

  • The group meets live once per week via Google Hangout, Monday evenings, for 90 minutes
  • Each student has three additional individual meetings available to them, scheduled as needed
    • These may serve as make-ups or as additional consultation time
  • The course begins with several designated blog posts from Man Nor Beast
  • Readings are assigned from Khan Academy
  • Work-at-home projects are due at the second, third, fourth, and fifth course meetings
    • These are labs, e.g., isolating DNA
  • Exams are given at the end of the second, fourth, and sixth weeks

Teaching pledge: no assignment or exam will blindside a student in terms of intellectual content.

Tuition-free and grading

The registration fee is non-refundable.

  • The first homework assignment is graded for free. After that, students who pay $50 will have the three following homework assignments graded.
  • Each exam requires a fee of $50 to be graded.
  • Students who complete all coursework will receive a final grade.
    • They may also request recommendations and other college-appropriate academic services.

There is nothing wrong with paying only the registration fee, which essentially means auditing the course.

This tuition model is adapted from the University of People, based on the idea that one should only pay tuition into a course which has shown itself to be valuable.

Things to know

Is this accredited? No. Accreditation requires at least three years of providing courses before one can apply.

Can it provide course credit? Yes. I am qualified both in degree status and in professional experience, and many programs providing transferable course credit are not accredited. All transferred course credit, however, is determined appropriate, or not, by the receiving institution. You may refer the relevant department head or academic dean to this page.

How I teach

It works with where you are,

Intended to be transformative – but however you

Highest standard of intellectual content

It needs to last