Welcome to my island

desert-islandThis site is my home for scientific writing and teaching, and I hope you like it here. Check out the pages menu to find out who I am, what I’m doing, and why you might care, but briefly:

  • I’m a former biology professor with an extensive teaching history and sort of a reputation. I switched to full-time authorship in mid-2014.
  • My first mainstream book is to be released February 2016; it’s full of evolution and history and The Island of Doctor Moreau.
  • This site is a place for active learning, critical thinking, surprises, and discussion.

For the “all about me” page including academic CV, please see here.

The main action is at the blog which updates Mondays and Fridays – the former is for teaching sessions and the latter is your basic blog-column entry. I love comments and I also love my social contract, and you should too. Here are the categories I’m using there, which may help a bit to navigate and to see where I’m coming from

  • Evo Devo: how critters change, drawing on new perspectives about genes and traits
  • Human origins: our anatomy, geography, ecology, phylogeny, diversity, culture, psychology, behavior, socializing, and sex
  • Mind and matter: battling the taboo against material thinking about the mind and identity
  • Selection and its discontents: investigating the most developed ideas in evolutionary biology
  • History is now: what happened in the past and why it matters
  • Lab coat: science as thought, policy, and profession
  • People and plot: characters, events, and general content of the novel The Island of Doctor Moreau
  • Double feature: science fiction in books, film, and comics, and why that’s good
  • Shock to the value system: reflections and challenges regarding what we think is right
  • Cruelty and caring: ethics of research and animal use
  • Don’t meddle: stories and outlooks which fear science
  • TMI: personal details, revealing moments, standing on social boundaries

If you want to know why I’m using this kooky “hyenaswine” URL, check out this blog post.

I’ll be bringing in material about the book too, as publication approaches and the publisher says it’s OK.

Other blog?

I also write at Doctor Xaos comics madness, a place for comics and role-playing game talk, as well as autobiography focusing on culture rather than science and academia. I happen to be a game designer and independent publisher in addition to a wild-eyed zoological entity, so bring your dice and spandex on over there.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my island

    • Hi! I’m not sure I can answer well. A comment like this one doesn’t really provide anything for me to think about … I’m trying to find a way to answer that isn’t just a flat “Why?”

      Let’s see. I have no plans to, but perhaps I might much later, if it seems to fit anything. Ideally I’d write about every SF author for every period of history and its scientific perspective, but I don’t have the skills or the energy for that.

      In any event, I’m sure you can see that if I did write about Stapledon, or anyone but Wells (specifically the 1890s and this particular novel), it wouldn’t be here on the front page. The first blog post (All too human) seems like a good place to continue the topic.


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